Jason Bowld

Jason Bowld,on arriving at the venue to perform in Barnsley's first ever drumming masterclass / clinic - "MAN! this place is huge are there other attractions on tonight or are you hoping to fill it with the drumming showcase".

Jason Bowld, at the event of the Masterclass having just performed in front of a packed house of nearly 400 people, who were left ecstatic by the event that to many was a first experience of one of the worlds leading drummers - "That was amazing. Before today I'd never even heard of Barnsley never mind been here and tonight I played in front of a better attended more enthusiastic audience than all last month." (speaking of his previously month long drum tour of the US) "You guys have put on a great event and I would love to work with you again in the future."

Ash Muscroft

"I have been having lessons at the drum school for about 1 year and ten months now. I started as a complete beginner. In that year and 10 months I have taken both my grades 3 and 5, now I am studying my grade 6. I am currently a drum tutor at Get Sorted Academy Of Music and I am in Rotherham College of Arts and Technology. At this college I am studying a BTEC National Diploma in Popular Music. I wish to finish my course with the diploma, pass my grade 8 and to eventually build my own teaching studios.The drum school has very competent facilities and is home to very friendly, courteous and obliging staff. The drum school has brought me from scratch to a very competent player, reader and writer of music."

Brad Platts

"Hello, my name is Brad Platts. I am 12 years old and have been going to Richard Quinn's school of drums for around 5 months. I started going to drum lessons because when I listened to bands such as 'system of a down' and 'blink 182' I was amazed to hear how fast and good they sounded. I really enjoy going to my drum lesson on Monday's to practise the songs and exercises set, as it is nice to hear the beats played when you hit the different drums.

Stuart my tutor teaches me in a way which is easy to follow but at the same time challenging. I recommend this drum school to anybody who is interested in drums and to join as they would enjoy it a lot. "

A Chartered Surveyor


WHO am I, I am a 42 year old Chartered Surveyor, who lives in Wakefield West Yorkshire. I started at 36 to fulfil a long lost passion for learning and playing drums.

WHAT prevented me from taking lessons until I was 39? Partly a busy life style, kids as they do, but also a lack of opportunity to learn from experienced, qualified tutors.

WHERE have all the years gone? I began playing the drums at school at the age of 13, brought up on a diet of dodgy practice mats (never saw or experienced a full sized kit) and a Buddy Rich snare drum rudiments book that went on forever.

WHEN did the magic fade? At the age of 16, school over, free lessons ended and no real desire to pursue a tutor who only seamed interested in a swift end to lessons and how soon pay day arrived.

WHY now drive 12 miles on a Friday night, through rush hour traffic. Easy, opportunity, experienced tutors, one speed - my speed, up to date equipment, a sense of achievement. Regrets, only one, the twenty three years lost in-between.

HOW do you get involved? Either by fulfilling your passion, or that of others. Contact Richard Quinn School of Drums on 01226 771392. Come on Wakefield, CATCH UP! "

Josh Rennison

"Hi I'm Josh Rennison I'm 11 years old. When I first came to Richard Quinn school of drums I hadn't even done my grade 1, but I had played the drums before. After being here for 1 and a half to 2 years I have achieved from not even grade 1 to grade 4.

I look forward to all of my lessons because all of the tutors are very friendly and make learning the drums great fun. You can learn all of your favourite songs and when you think your ready have a go at the grades. Drums is something I'm good at maybe you are too so come on down and give it ago I did and look what I achieved, you could too."

Craig Levitt

"Hi my name is Craig Levitt. I am 17 years old & have been studying the drums for 8 years.

At the age of 15, after bouncing between 4 or 5 un-reliable tutors who at the same time were good drummers, couldn't enhance my playing because of their lack of knowledge in teaching methods & experience to explain or properly organise a lesson structure. I was advised by a friend of my sisters, who was studying music at Sheffield University, to try lessons at "The Richard Quinn School of Drums" in Barnsley, as he himself was having external drum tuition at the school as well as lessons at the University.

In two years I progressed more than in the previous 6 years of drumming. This was defiantly down to an organised syllabus that was given to me on a week-to-week basis by professional drum tutors not fly by night musicians & under-prepared drummers that wished to earn a quick quid!. I followed the grade structure as well as enjoying the chance to learn what I wanted to learn by a team of tutors that have experience & a proven track record. My motto after this learning experience is "many can play but few can teach".

Thankfully I found the guys that really know their jobs "

David Schofield

"Some 5 years ago after being let down by 2 previous unreliable Drum Teachers & after a long search for a replacement, which at the time were & remain in short supply, I was introduced to Richard Quinn. As a result my young son who at the time was only 6 or 7 years old began a long & established association with Richard & to this day he continues to have the same passion for his lessons as he did all those years ago.

Richard builds a strong rapport with his pupils & with his continued commitment & enthusiasm for this often over looked technical instrument keeps them interested & focused whilst making sure it's both fun & challenging.

Richard has progressed from working with the bare minimum of resources taking his business from a converted out-building at his parent's home to that of his now established School Of Drums with its excellent studio facilities. He continues to be as committed as ever & has a truly excellent record in successfully putting his students through the recognized "Rock school" exam route. My son at 12 years old has now completed his grade 5, which for his age is a remarkable achievement & this is thanks to the Richard Quinn School Of Drums dedication,

I am sure after I have served my purpose as a chauffer for my son, he will continue to be taught by Richard & the "fruits of his labour" which has already established him in a working Pop/Punk band will keep his interest in Percussion alive for a long time to come "

Some of our students performing drum covers